This is what i found researching my stuff in EJ for feral

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This is what i found researching my stuff in EJ for feral

Post by DnPic » Tue Sep 22, 2009 5:08 pm

Cat DPS Guide for Dummies
This is a guide for cat dps, especially for beginners. I will try to update it whenever there are changes or new information. If you're looking for more detailed information or indepth discussion, look at FeralByNight (Cat & Bear simulation tool) and/or Cat DPS Rotation

Post updated for patch 3.2

Agi - Agility
AP - Attack Power
ArPen - Armorpenetrationrating
BiS - Best in Slot
CP - Combo Point
iLotP - Improved Leader of the Pack
FB - Ferocious Bite
SR - Savage Roar
Str - Strength
TF - Tiger's Fury

1. Speccing your Cat

Maximum Single-Target DPS: > click <

This spec takes every talent, that increases single target DPS. You've got one point left, possibilities could be: 4/5 Furor, 1/2 iLotP or 1/3 Feral Instinct

Maximum AoE-DPS: > click <

This spec only has 5 different points. You've got 3/3 Feral Instinct here and 2/2 iLotP. You could aswell take the two points out of iLotP and together with the last left point skill 3/5 Feral Aggression.

Actually Feral Swiftness and Survival Instincts don't directly increase your damage. But they offer very significant survival tools. Additionaly, both allow you to DPS for a second longer here and there.

2. DPS Rotation

As there is no real rotation, we speak of a "priority list" for cat DPS. Try to follow the following instructions in the given order.

1. Keep up Savage Roar
2. Keep up Mangle
3. Keep up Rake
4. Use shred for CP regeneration (remember, that points 2 and 3 are more important)
5. When at 5 CP and Rip is not up, use Rip
6. When below 30 Energy, use TF
7. Use Clearcast Proccs for Shred
8. When at 5 CP and Rip and SR are running with 8 seconds (might be longer, depending on your gear) or longer each, use FB
9. When Rip and SR will drop at nearly the same time (with less than 3 seconds difference), try to recognize it early. Then use SR with a small amount of CP to desynchronize both timers.
10. Use Berserk only at high energy, (but not higher than 85) not directly after TF and as often as possible. If you will get Hysteria or some boss mechanics will enhance your damage, save it for these situations.

This priority list is quite hard to maintain. Cat DPS is one of the most complicated ones in PvE WoW. Try to remember these rules:

1. Remember: Savage Roar buffs everything; Mangle buffs bleeds and shred; Bleeds buff shred. That means, never shred without applying mangle and at least one bleeding.
2. It doesn't matter how many CP you use for SR. Just make sure it never drops!
3. Use Rip and FB only with 5 CP
4. It is very tricky to squeeze in FB's in your rotation. At first you should try to maximize SR, Mangle, Rip and Rake uptime (in this order). When you get more experienced, try to FB more. You need to guess how much time is needed for building up 5 CP's - this depends on your crit chance. Usually, a FB is worth dropping Rip for 4 Ticks approx (8 seconds). Remember that after using Rip, you need energy for building at least one more CP to refresh SR if necessary.
5. FB is most efficient when used at 35 energy. It gets worse when you spend more, thus making it least efficient when using with 65 energy.
6. A 5 CP FB is always more efficient than a shred, even when used at 65 energy.
7. When using the shred glyph: When rake and rip are about to expire and you could shred to extend the rip duration for 2 more seconds at the cost of letting rake drop for 1-2 seconds - do it.

3. Facts, Stats and Numbers

Assuming all important feral talents and cat form . Numbers in brackets include Blessing of Kings.

1 Str = 2.37864 AP (2.616504 AP)

1 Agi = 1.18932 AP (1.308252 AP)
1 Agi = 0.0129744% Crit (0.01427184%)

77.05 (70.07) Agi = 1% Crit

1 Sta = 10.812 (11.8932) Health

Critical Strike Rating
1 CritRating = 0.022% Crit
45.91 CritRating = 1% Crit

Haste Rating
1 HasteRating = 0.030% Haste
32.79 HasteRating = 1% Haste

Hit Rating
1 HitRating = 0.030% Hit
32.79 HitRating = 1% Hit

Hit Cap vs lvl 80 targets: 5% Hit = 163.95 HitRating
Hit Cap vs lvl 83 targets: 8% Hit = 262.32 HitRating

Expertise Rating
1 ExpertiseRating = 0.030% less Chance of getting parried or dodged
32.79 ExpertiseRating = 1% less Chance of getting parried or dodged
8.2 ExpertiseRating = 1 Expertise
1 Expertise = 0.25% less Chance of getting parried or dodged

Expertise Cap vs lvl 80 targets: 5% (Dodge) / 5% (Parry) = 20 Expertise = 163.9 Expertise Rating
Expertise Cap vs lvl 83 targets: 6.5% (Dodge) / 14% (Parry) = 26 / 56 Expertise = 213.13 / 459.1 Expertise Rating

Since you should always attack from behind, your target can't parry. Therefore you only need 26 expertise or 213.13 Expertise Rating.

But every serious Cat skills Primal Precision, which gives 10 Expertise or 81.97 Expertise Rating. So if you skill this talent, your cap will be:

Expertise Dodge-Cap vs lvl 83 targets and with Primal Precision: 16 Expertise = 131.16 Expertise Rating

Armorpenetration Rating
12.316 ArP = 1% of the target's armor are ignored
Hard Cap 1231.6 ArP = 100% of the target's armor are ignored

So, what stats are important? Generally I hardly advice you to use RAWR or Toskk's DPSGearMethod. The value of every stat depends on the rest of your gear.

The Value of Hit / Expertise

A question very often asked is, whether we need to be hit or expertise capped. The answer is: No, not with the items available. Hit and expertise scale directly with your DPS. The better your gear gets, the higher the value of Hit/Expertise gets. When in blue gear, both contribute very little to your DPS. With Ulduar BiS, they are quite important, but still not the best stats. The same holds true for T9, although both are more important when you have really good T9 lvl Gear. It is assumed, but still not sure, that we need to be hit and expertise capped in T10 content. Also, there is no such 'magic threshold'. Both stats always have the same value (as long as below the hard cap), no matter if you have 0% hit, 3% hit or 5% hit.
BUT - for a beginner it could be quite confusing missing a lot. Our DPS priority is already hard enough even without our attacks being dodged. It could mess up the DPS of a beginner, if his hit and/or expertise is too low. If you consider yourself weak at maintain a stable cycle, then more hit/expertise could help to stabilize it.

Topic: Armor penetration rating

Armor is a stat with diminishing returns. Meaning: the more Armor you have, the worse it gets in terms of damage reduction percentage. The first 1000 armor are far more valuable, than the last 1000 armor. That is the reason, that ArPen scales better than linear. When you have only a little bit ArPen, you reduce your target's armor only a little bit - but we know that the last 1000 armor are not that important. But if you manage to gather more ArPen, you will reduce your target's armor more and more, which gets more and more valuable.
Short story: ArPen scales better than linear - the more you have, the better each point of it becomes.

At about 200 - 300 ArPen, ArPen becomes the best stat
The exact amount depends on your gear. Use RAWR or Toskk to find out, when exactly ArP overtakes Agility. Also remember, that the value of both is very similar at that low lvl of ArP. The difference is extremely small and only gets bigger, when you gather more ArP.
As soon as you can reach these numbers, regemming all Agility gems for ArP gems would improve your DPS.
Our goal is to come as close to the ArP Hard Cap as possible.

And now it's time for mentioning the two ArP trinkets currently ingame:

[Grim Toll]
[Mjolnir Runestone] (tooltip is wrong, the procc is 665 ArP)

Wearing both trinkets is quite useless since they have a significant shared uptime and then there would be ArP wasted (assuming you've got some ArP on your gear). The goal is, to reach the ArP soft-cap. Soft Cap means: you have exactly 100% Armor Ignore when your trinket proccs.

ArP Soft-cap: 566.6 ArPen, if wearing [Mjolnir Runestone]
ArP Soft-cap: 619.6 ArPen, if wearing [Grim Toll]

For clarification, I will try to explain this. Let's say you don't have one of the two trinkets and x is the ArP on your gear (and with Hearty Rhino, the +40 ArP food buff):

x < 200 -> Agility is the best stat, gem for it
200 < x < 1231.6 -> ArPen is the best stat, gem for it
1231.6 < x -> Agility is the best stat, gem for it

Now finally Grim Toll drops off Gothik the Harvester and you are lucky enough to get it!

x < 200 -> Agility is the best stat, gem for it
200 < x < 619.6 -> ArPen is the best stat, gem for it
619.6 < x -> Agility is the best stat, gem for it

Just replace your soft-cap with 566.6, when wearing Mjolnir Runestone instead of Grim Toll.

With high level gear from the T9 content it could be better not to wear neither Grim Toll nor Runestone but instead aquiring a high amount of passive ArP.

4. Gear

Again, please use RAWR or Toskk. Although neither of both are 100% accurate, it's probably the best way to determine gear upgrades for you.

Some questions often asked:

Which idol should I wear?
The best Cat Idol is [Idol of Mutilation]. After that, it depends.
If you have to mangle yourself, [Idol of the Corruptor] is BiS for you. If not, then it depends on your ArP. If you are below approx 250 ArP, [Idol of Worship] would be your choice, above that the [Idol of the Ravenous Beast] becomes better. But actually the Rip and Shred idol both grant very similar DPS - the difference is really low.

Which trinkets should I wear?
The [Darkmoon Card: Greatness] is in most gear setups one of the best trinkets. This will not be a useless investment, as it is an extremely good tanking trinket aswell.
In the second slot you should wear one of the two ArP trinkets mentioned above ([Grim Toll] or [Mjolnir Runestone])

How good are our set bonuses?
The 2T7 bonus is very good. Although there are better items in every slot, the bonus outweighs this by far.
The 4T7 bonus is very bad.
The 2T8 bonus is extremely good. You really need to have this.
The 4T8 bonus is about as good as 2T7.
The 2T9 bonus is very good.
The 4T9 bonus is mediocre.

Try to collect 2 T7 items first. Head and shoulder would be the best choice.
If you're entering Ulduar, your first aim should be to get 2T7 + 2T8, which is VERY good.
If you can choose between 2T7 + 2T8 and 4T8, choose 4T8. You should notice a very small DPS increased, based on the higher iLvl of T8 (the 4T8 bonus is actually of the same value as 2T7).
Similar holds true if you enter Coliseum. 2T8 + 2T9 will be an upgrade to 4T8. And although the 4T9 bonus is worse than the 4T8 one, the higher item level of two more T9 items outweighs this.
But because the 4T9 itself isn't that good, it's probably better to wear 2T9 and some offsetpieces instead of 4T9.

Absolute BiS set:


Slot Item
Head [Runetotem's Headguard of Triumph]
Neck Collar of Unending Torment (iLvl 245 Version)
Shoulders [Runetotem's Shoulderpads of Triumph]
Back Sylvanas' Cunning
Chest [Vest of Shifting Shadows]
Wrist [Bracers of Swift Death]
Hands Sunreaver Assassin's Gloves (iLvl 245 Version)
Waist Belt of the Pitiless Killer (iLvl 258 Version)
Legs [Legguards of Cunning Deception]
Feet [Icewalker Treads]
Ring 1 [Band of Callous Aggression]
Ring 2 [Dexterous Brightstone Ring]
Trinket 1 Death's Choice (iLvl 258 Version)
Trinket 2 [Comet's Trail]
Weapon Twin's Pact (iLvl 258 Version)
Relic [Idol of Mutilation]


Slot Item
Head [Malfurion's Headguard of Triumph]
Neck Collar of Ceaseless Torment (iLvL 245 Version)
Shoulders [Malfurion's Shoulderpads of Triumph]
Back Vereesa's Dexterity
Chest Armor of Shifting Shadows (iLvl 245 Version)
Wrist [Bracers of Swift Death]
Hands Gloves of the Silver Assassin (iLvl 245 Version)
Waist Belt of the Merciless Killer (iLvl 258 Version)
Legs [Legguards of Cunning Deception]
Feet [Treads of the Icewalker]
Ring 1 [Ring of Callous Aggression]
Ring 2 [Dexterous Brightstone Ring]
Trinket 1 Death's Verdict (iLvl 258 Version)
Trinket 2 [Comet's Trail]
Weapon Lupine Longstaff (iLvl 258 Version)
Relic [Idol of Mutilation]

Eat 40 ArP Food. Gems used: 18x [Fractured Scarlet Ruby], 1x [Enchanted Tear] (Head),
Enchants as usual. Weapon Enchant Berserking.

5. Professions, Glyphs, Enchants, Gems, Buffs


Alchemy: +80 Attack power through mixology, when using Flask of endless rage
Blacksmithing: 2 more sockets. Assuming epic ArPen gems, the bonus is 40 ArP.
Enchanting: 2x +40 AP ring enchant. Bonus: +80 Attack Power
Engineering: On use 340 Haste Rating for 12 seconds, 1 min CD. Averages out to 68 Haste Rating. Otherwise you would enchant +20 Agi. Total Bonus: +68 Haste Rating, -20 Agi
Herbalism: 3600 self-heal for 5 seconds, 3 min CD
Inscription: +80 Attack power because of the enhanced shoulder enchant
Jewelcrafting: 3x +34 ArPen gems instead of +20 ArPen. 3*14 = 42 ArP.
Leatherworking: + 80 Attack power because of the enhanced wrist enchant
Mining: + 60 Stamina
Skinning: +40 Crit Rating
Tailoring: Swordguard Embroidery grants 400 AP for 15 seconds, roughly once a minute. This averages out to approx 100 AP. You miss out the +22 Agi for this. Total Bonus: +100 AP, -22 Agi.


Major Glyphs:
1. [Glyph of Savage Roar]
2. [Glyph of Rip]
3. [Glyph of Shred]

4. [Glyph of Mangle]
5. [Glyph of Berserk]

Minor Glyphs:
1. [Glyph of Dash]
2. [Glyph of Unburdened Rebirth]
3. [Glyph of Challenging Roar]


Head - [Arcanum of Torment]
Shoulder - Master's Inscription of the Axe > [Greater Inscription of the Axe]
Back - Swordguard Embroidery > +22 Agi
Chest - +10 Stats
Wrist - Fur Lining - Attack Power > Greater Assault
Hands - Hyperspeed Accelerators > +20 Agi
Legs - [Icescale Leg Armor] or Nerubian Leg Reinforcements
Feet - Icewalker
Finger - +40 AP
Weapon - Berserking > Mongoose > Massacre > Executioner


There is only one Meta, you always want to have this one activated: [Relentless Earthsiege Diamond]
The [Chaotic Skyflare Diamond] is coming close, but it require 2 Blue gems and this requirement is worse than one yellow + one blue.

Red socket: [Fractured Cardinal Ruby], if you have less than 200 or more than your soft-cap of ArPen, then [Delicate Cardinal Ruby]
Blue socket: [Puissant Dreadstone], if you have less than 200 or more than your soft-cap of ArPen, then [Shifting Dreadstone]
Yellow socket: [Deadly Ametrine]

The Red gems are far superior than the blue ones and better than the yellow ones aswell. Therefore the best you can do is:
Fill every socket with red gems except of one. There you put [Nightmare Tear]. Of course you choose an item with a good Socket bonus, you would otherwise miss if you use the normal red gem instead.


You should use a [Flask of Endless Rage] and [Hearty Rhino]. If you are below than 200 ArPen or above your soft-cap for ArPen, then [Blackened Dragonfin] would be your choice.

It's again hard to tell you, how important each buff is as this depends on your gear. But the order should be roughly the same.

+20% Physical Haste -> Enhancement Shaman (imp. Windfury Totem) or Frost-DK (imp. Icy Talons)
+10% AP -> Blood-DK (Abomination's Might), MM-Hunter (Trueshot Aura) or Enhancement Shaman (Unleashed Rage)
+Agi / Str -> DK (Horn of winter provides 155 each) or Enhancement Shaman (imp. Strength of Earth Totem provides 178 each!)
-20% target armor -> Debuff applied by Prot-Warrior (Sunder armor) or every rogue (Expose Armor, Finishing move)
+AP -> Warriors (+548 AP when not skilled, +685 when skilled in Commanding Presence) or Paladins (+550 AP when not skilled, +687 when skilled in imp. Blessing of Might)
+4% physical damage -> Debuff applied by Combat Rogues (Savage Combat) or Arms Warrior (Blood Frenzy)
+10% Stats -> Paladins (Blessing of Kings)
+3% Dmg -> BM Hunter (Ferocious Inspiration, their pet buffs this) or Retribution Paladin (Sanctified Retribution)
Traumabot -> Another Feraldruid or Arms warrior applying Mangle/Trauma for you so you can skip it from your DPS Cycle
+3% Crit -> Debuff applied Elemental Shaman (Totem of Wrath affects all targets within 40 yards of the totem), Retribution Paladin (Heart of the Crusader, the Paladin has to judge a single target) or Assassination Rogues (Master Poisoner affects all target that the rogue has poisoned; he can spread this with Fan of Knives)
+ Stats -> Every Druid (Yes, this includes yourself!) through imp. Mark of the Wild
-5% target armor -> Feral and Moonkin Druids (Fearie Fire and Feral Fearie Fire, you can apply this yourself without losing DPS), Hunter (if they have a wrasp as pet) and warlocks (Curse of Weakness would mean a DPS loss for them)
+3% Haste -> Balance Druid (imp. Moonkin Form) or Retribution (Swift Retribution)

Topic: Hysteria

Cats are the best target for Hysteria:

Arms Warrior - Does not stack with Wrecking Crew. Besides, they don't have strong Cooldowns to blow while Hysteria is up.
Death Knights - A significant portion of their damage is elemental and not physical. Dancing Rune Weapon scales only half with Hysteria, summon Gargoyle doesn't at all
Enhancer Shamans - A good portion of their damage is elemental. Feral spirit, their Cooldown, is not affected by Hysteria
Fury Warrior - Although all of their damage is physical, they cannot blow their big Cooldown Death Wish with Hysteria, because it doesn't stack.
Hunter - A good portion of their damage is elemental and their pet wouldn't benefit from Hysteria.
Retribution Paladins - A very big portion of their damage is elemental.
Rogues - A good portion of their damage is elemental.

Cats benefit by far the most from Hysteria. As long as you are quite close to the top DPS in your raid, try to convince your Blood-DK or your raidleader, that you should get Hysteria!


From Patch 3.1.3 to 3.2:

- Profession bonuses increased
- Note about ArP added: Possibility of ignoring ArP Trinkets and go for passive ArP
- T9 bonuses added
- New idol as BiS idol added

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