BM and MM Raiding Specs

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BM and MM Raiding Specs

Post by Nazgulz » Tue Dec 02, 2008 2:04 pm

As far as BM goes, this is the spec that I want our Hunters to be raiding with: ... 0000000000

Obviously there is a bit of room for shifting some points depending on what you need (Focused Aim to name one). I've been hearing that exotic pets still aren't worth using yet, they will likely need to be buffed further to make enough difference and the four extra talent points aren't that big of a deal.

Now for MM: ... 1311010200

This is the spec that I've been using over the past couple of weeks. It seems to be the highest raid DPS spec and even though mana efficiency isn't as bad in raid, you will run OOM eventually; get used to it, Aspect of the Viper was changed for a reason and we're meant to use it. There's definitely some flexibility in the spec, especially when we gear up more and the points in Focused Aim aren't as important. I was also thinking of taking the two points out of Wild Quiver and placing them in Rapid Recuperation considering I got maybe 20k damage over the 4 and a half minute fight we did on Patchwerk.

I have yet to try out Survival yet and I'm not too terribly interested in any of us using that spec unless we are really hurting for Refreshment batteries.

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