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Bad news

Post by Guntsling » Sat Nov 21, 2009 1:53 pm

Ok, so I didn't know where to post this since I only have access to the class and public forums.

Anyway, I JUST got my work schedule for this week and it's beyond messed up. Keep in mind that in my timezone Raid time is 9pm-1am.

Sat, Nov 21st: 10pm-6am
Wed, Nov 25th: 4pm-9:15pm
Thursday, Nov 26th: Midnight-8am
Friday, Nov 27th: 9:15pm-06:15am

I work for a security company and the site I'm supposed to work at is a Drug Store, right? Simple 9-5 job...except they hired me before the contract was finalized and it's been delayed so now I'm working fill-in shifts at 8 different sites. Some shifts involve changing sites halfway through.

Anyway, looks like I'm gonna be hella late for Wednesday's raid and leave early for Thursday's raid :(

I'm feeling really awesome about this, because I just joined up to raid and work is already kicking my ass.

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Re: Bad news

Post by ulga » Mon Nov 23, 2009 10:52 am

Couple things. 1st send a PM to Mightyleech (i will post something in officer forum too, but best to send him a PM) to get u upgraded forum rights to see the member stuff.

2nd, if you had to pick a week for messed up attendance, this is probably not a bad one since this is holiday time and generally speaking holidays are BAD for raiding. I highly doubt we will have a raid on Thurs since that is Thanksgiving and my guess is we wont even be able to mount a 10 man raid let alone 25. I highly doubt I will be on til 9-10 server myself that night. Friday is not a raid night. So Wed is the only day interfering with a legitamite raid night.

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