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Post by Kinzar » Fri May 09, 2008 1:48 am

I'd like it if all you guys could input your current gear/stats into this to see what you can do to tweak your gear and maximize your DPS. Here's an example of my current gear. Note the spell haste to dmg ratio. (granted this is fully raid buffed with elemental shammy)

Stat Adjusted Value
Intellect: 669 (554 Base +40/AI +14/Gift +61/BoK)
Spirit: 391 (271 Base +50/Div Spi +14/Gift +20/Food +36/BoK)
Regen/Sec: 0.00
Hit Chance (arcane): 98.20 (83% Base +12.20%/Rtg +3%/Totem)
Hit Chance (fire): 99.00 (83% Base +12.20%/Rtg +3%/Totem +3%/EP)
Hit Chance (frost): 99.00 (83% Base +12.20%/Rtg +3%/Totem +3%/EP)
Crit Chance: 26.91 (9.27%/Int +11.64%/Rtg +3%/MA +3%/Totem)
Fire Crit Chance: 37.70% (+6% Critical Mass +3% Pyromaniac +1.79% Combustion)
Scorch Crit Chance: 41.70% (+4% Incinerate)
Fire Damage: 1537 (+42/Oil +23/Food +101/Totem +80/Flask)

Stat Relative DPS Values
1.00 Damage: 1.15 Crit Rating, 0.82 Haste Rating
1.00 Hit Rating: Additional Hit Rating will not increase DPS
1.00 Crit Rating: 0.87 Damage, 0.71 Haste Rating
1.00 Haste Rating: 1.22 Damage, 1.40 Crit Rating <-----haste:dmg ratio is what I'm looking for

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