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Spell Hit 3.0

Post by Motagus » Mon Oct 13, 2008 10:18 pm

As you may know, the Hit Cap has lost the 1% static chance to miss, meaning you can cap up to 100%.

Here are the numbers for Hit Cap @ 80:

TL = Target Level
HC = Hit Chance
RTC = Raiting to Cap
Level 83 represents a Boss Fight

Code: Select all

Untalented 	Talented +3% Hit
80 	96% 	105 	99% 	26
81 	95% 	131 	98% 	52
82 	94% 	157 	97% 	79
83 	83% 	446 	86% 	367
Unless you are frost, speccing 2 levels into frost just to get the elemental precision is no longer a no-brainer. If you chose Fire and not to go for that, you will want to watch the Untalented group.

To get the extra 1%, you are looking at 177 Hit Cap Tomorrow at 70. The Ghost Hit no longer exists for Frost Mages. This assumes the 3% Elemental Precision.

Keep in mind that if you don't spec into Elemental Precision tomorrow, your Hit Cap will then be 215 for 100% (Not the previous 99%). To get the 177 you need the Elemental Precision or a Boomkin for the Imp Faerie Fire.

You can also get the 3%'s from a SP's Misery debuff but it will not stack with the Imp Faerie Fire. The 3% hit has been REMOVED from the Totem of Wrath. =(

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