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Raiding Requirements for Mages

Post by Motagus » Tue Feb 13, 2007 6:00 pm

This guide will be nothing new and shouldn't shock anyone. This post is simply to have on paper the requirements that are expected of you as a raiding Mage with Lobster Brood.

Toons need to come fully prepared for encounters. This involves reading up on WoWWiki/BossKillers the boss information, watching YouTube videos, etc. You should be fairly confident in your role during the encounter. Remember, you may or may not be the only mage in your group so there could be times when no one will be around to give you a brief rundown from first hand experience. If you have not participated in an encounter before, you will need to let the RL know this. Even if you have watched videos, LB may have a different way of doing something. Do not be afraid to ask.

You will be expected to bring a suitable number of reagents for a 25-man run. I recommend 40 Arcane Powder for every raid.

You will be expected to bring a good number of bandages, pots, elixirs, and food with buffs to encounters. There will be no excuse for running out of mana because you didn't have them. I recommend 20-40 Heavy Netherweave Bandages, 10 Super Mana Pots, 10 Super Health Pots, 10 Arcane Elixirs, 10 Guardian Elixers, 5-10 Destro Pots, 5 Flasks, and 20 Blackened Basilisk to every raid. I hardly expect you to ever need this many, however it is a good supply to have just in case it is needed.

You will be expected to come with 90-100% durability. There is no excuse for showing up to raids not repaired.

You will bring loot and encounter concerns up with your CL or other officer if the CL is not around. Arguing over loot or with another person during raid is entirely unacceptable.

You must have Class Channels, CT_Raid (or oRA2), and DeadlyBossMods (or BigWigs) mods installed. These are mod requirement for all mages in addition to any other required mods from LB.

Buffing should be top priority during downtime and after wipes/deaths. Try to get AB on all Mana Classes ASAP to avoid downtime due to slow buffing.

This information is to help raids go smoother and to help the entire raid group have a good time. After all, what fun is raiding if you are not having a good time?

Please feel free to post comments and concerns.

Updated 8/28/07
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