Ye Olde Shadow Priest Consumables Guide

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Ye Olde Shadow Priest Consumables Guide

Post by Muinfah » Sat Dec 02, 2006 1:08 pm

Well, after much consideration on the subject and in light of Patchwerk being such a homo I've had lots of time to think about consumables while herbing and how many of what herb I need to make a stack of whatever potion. With that in mind, I present this - my guide to shadow priest consumables and when/why to use them.

II. The Mana Problem
III. The Consumable War
IV. When, Where, and Why?
V. Changelog V1.0

Probably the most heard words for a priest, reguardless of level, spec, or faction. From time to time or at the request of the guild a priest may spec shadow; to take a PvP weekend or contribute to raid DPS. Early in WoW, most everyone saw shadow priests as a waste of a raid slot. A confused person playing a class to their least effective raid spec; this continued for some time until big guilds started using one raiding shadow priest to help warlock dps (which was and is still poor because of the debuff limit). Depending on the number of warlocks, a shadow priest can be a very wise use of a raid slot. They bring not only a bottomless mana pool to warlocks, but a 15% shadow damage debuff, and soon (next patch) - 5% magic damage debuff and mana returned from spell damage. The use of a shadow priest is even more needed in Naxxramas with the Raz and Faerlina encounters relying so heavily on mind control. So now we have a priest that isn't always healing, but still contributing to the raid - how do they manage?

II. The Mana Problem
Unless you've been playing a rogue or warrior exclusively for the last 2 years - you know that any class with a mana pool has limitations on how long they can do their raid role with and without consumables. This is especially true of shadow priests. Even with some of the best shadow priest raiding gear in the game, most will find themselves going totally oom at around 2.5-3 minutes without using consumables. I personally hit that mark at ~1 minute 45 seconds. As you know, boss fights and a lot of trash pulls last longer than 1:45 in well... every instance in the game. Therefore, the only way for a shadow priest to remain competetive on damage is to break the bank on consumables *EVERY PULL* - trash and bosses. The extent to which consumables will be needed vary on what trash or how much downtime between pulls, but on bosses its all or nothing.

III. The Consumables War
Now, not all of the consumables in a shadow priest's arsenal are used all the time; many are saved for learning encounters and boss fights. That said, here's the grand list and what it takes to make em or where they can be found:

1) Flask of Supreme Power: Increases damage done by magical spells and effects by up to 150 for 120 minutes.
30xDreamfoil, 10xMountain Silversage, 1xBlack Lotus, 1xCrystal Vial

2) Elixer of Shadow Power: Increases shadow spell damage by up to 40 for 30 minutes.
3xGhost Mushroom, 1xCrystal Vial
PER STACK of 5: 15xGhost Mushroom, 5xCrystal Vial

3) Greater Arcane Elixer: Increases spell damage by up to 35 for 60 minutes.
3xDreamfoil, 1xMountain Silversage, 1xCrystal Vial
PER STACK of 5: 15xDreamfoil, 5xMountain Silversage, 5xCrystal Vial

4) Wizard Oil: While applied to target weapon it increases spell damage by up to 24. Lasts for 30 minutes.
3xIllusion Dust, 2xFirebloom, 1xCrystal Vial - 5 Charges

5) Mageblood Potion: Regenerate 12 mana per 5 sec for 60 minutes.
1xDreamfoil, 2xPlaguebloom, 1xCrystal Vial
PER STACK of 5: 5xDreamfoil, 10xPlaguebloom, 5xCrystal Vial

6) Greater Dreamless Sleep Potion: Puts the imbiber in a dreamless sleep for 12 seconds. During that time the imbiber heals 2100 health and 2100 mana.
2xDreamfoil, 1xGolden Sansam, 1xCrystal Vial
PER STACK of 5: 10xDreamfoil, 5xGolden Sansam, 5xCrystal Vial

7) Major Mana Potion: Restores 1350 to 2250 mana.
3xDreamfoil, 2xIcecap, 1xCrystal Vial
PER STACK of 5: 15xDreamfoil, 10xIcecap, 5xCrystal Vial

8) Superior Mana Potion: Restores 900 to 1500 mana.
2xSungrass, 2xBlindweed, 1xCrystal Vial
PER STACK of 5: 10xSungrass, 10xBlindweed, 5xCrystal Vial

Total Herbs per Round of Potions (1 stack each no flask):
45xDreamfoil, 15xGhost Mushroom, 10xPlaguebloom, 10xIcecap, 10xSungrass, 10xBlindweed, 5xMountain Silversage, 5xGolden Sansam, 2xFirebloom, 31xCrystal Vial

9) Nightfin Soup: ...restores 8 mana every 5 seconds for 10 minutes.
1xRaw Nightfin Snapper, 1xRefreshing Spring Water
PER STACK of 20: 20xRaw Nightfin Snapper, 20xRefreshing Spring Water

10) Sagefish Delight: If you spend at least 10 seconds eating you will become well fed and gain 6 mana every 5 seconds for 15 minutes.
1xRaw Greater Sagefish, 1xHot Spices
PER STACK of 20: 20xRaw Greater Sagefish, 20x Hot Spices

11) Demonic Rune: Restores 900 to 1500 mana at the cost of 600 to 1000 life.
Dropped from level 48+ demonic mobs throughout the world - BoP

12) Dark Rune: Restores 900 to 1500 mana at the cost of 600 to 1000 life.
Dropped from various mobs within Scholomance - BoE

13) Night Dragon's Breath: Restores 394 to 456 mana and 394 to 456 health.
Found in four spawning locations in Felwood - BoP

IV. When, Where, and Why?
Now that your bags are filled to the brim and ready to melt some serious face, let's go over the appropiate usage for each consumable and why its appropiate at that time and/or in that situation.

1) Flask of Supreme Power: The favorite consumable of every mage, warlock, and shadow priest. Lasting for two hours through death, this monster jar of spell damage is way too good to be wasted on trash mobs or bosses on farm status - save these babies for new content wipes when you need every ounce of DPS to get that first kill.
Usage: LOW

2) Elixer of Shadow Power: The bread and butter of any shadow priest. A simple little 40 spell damage potion that lasts half an hour. Definately one of the easiest consumables to farm; pick up some mushrooms in Maraudon or The Hinterlands caves. Pop em on bosses, pop em on trash, hell - pop em in WSG!
Usage: HIGH

3) Greater Arcane Elixer: A potent spell damage potion for any magic damage class. Lasting an hour, but using a great deal more reagents than the simple shadow power, this consumable should be reserved for boss fights and/or new content trash.

4) Wizard Oil: One may question why this isn't Brilliant Wizard Oil, and here's why. The brilliant wizard oils require large brillant shards, which are to say the least - hard to come by. The gain from normal->brilliant is 12 spell damage and 1% crit. Seeing as how spell crit is useless to raiding shadow priests at the moment, the difference is negligible. The normal oil is much easier to mass produce, requiring only 3 illusion dust and some firebloom. The ease of production allows this consumable be used just about any time you want.
Usage: HIGH

5) Mageblood Potion: Addressing the mana problem headon, this mp5 potion lasts for an hour granting you 12 additional mp5. This is nothing to laugh at! Over the course of a 5 minute fight, you've gained 720 mana from this potion alone. That's easily 3 more mind flays than you would have otherwise had. That said, you won't get much use out of this on trash pulls; as they don't last any meaningful amount of time. Save this consumable for when it counts, bosses and new content.

6) Greater Dreamless Sleep Potion: Another fantastic consumable addressing mana issues. This consumable shares a cooldown with mana potions, making its use situational. Fights like Twin Emps, C'Thun, Anub, or Maexxna - where you can take 12 seconds to med up this potion really shines. That said - 12 secs medding on Patchwerk is 12 seconds of lost DPS, that's a no-no. Use this only when you can afford the break from the fight; can be used in place of mana potions entirely on some encounters.

7) Major Mana Potion: Taking a stab right at the heart of the mana problem, this bread and butter potion gives you mana in a hurry... like nowish. That said, the reagent cost is very high for this consumable. I generally save them for new content only, and you'll see why below. They share a cooldown with Superior Mana Potion and Greater Dreamless Sleep Potion.
Usage: LOW

8) Superior Mana Potion: A lightweight version of Major Mana, this potion grants you a solid amount of blue stuff to work with. The easy reagents make this potion usable like candy when you need mana in a hurry. Perfect for all farmed content and learning pulls. They share a cooldown with Major Mana Potion and Greater Dreamless Sleep Potion.
Usage: HIGH

9) Nightfin Soup: A food buff that grants you an additional 8 mp5 for the next 10 minutes. This buff is usable for any boss encounter, provided its shorter than 10 minutes in length. A must-have for new content.

10) Sagefish Delight: Another food buff very similar to the Nightfin Soup - only providing less mp5, but for a longer amount of time. Sagefish are perfect for longer fights like Twin Emps, C'Thun, and Anub; as well as all trash pulls considering how easy they are to fish.
Usage: HIGH

11) Demonic Rune: Make sure you have enough HP to use this item, it CAN kill you! These things are also a huge pain in the arse to farm. The drop rate is low, the demon spawns are always camped, and they're BoP. They also share a cooldown with Dark Rune and Night Dragon's Breath. Save these guys for new boss content only.
Usage: LOW

12) Dark Rune: Demonic Rune's friendly BoE cousin. Dropped only from mobs in Scholomance, but tradeable, these babies are usable for all boss content - new and old. Easy to come by even if you never do Scholo - just hit the Auction House. They share a cooldown with Demonic Rune and night Dragon's Breath.

13) Night Dragon's Breath: Possibly the easiest consumable to farm on the list. They come in bunches of 3-7 from any of the four spawns in Felwood. They may need to be cleansed, which you can do from a low-50s quest in the same zone. These little suckers are shadow priest candy, pop them every two minutes. They share a cooldown with Demonic and Dark Runes.
Usage: HIGH

V. Changelog

V1.0 - Original Release

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Re: Ye Olde Shadow Priest Consumables Guide

Post by Aznon » Sun Mar 08, 2009 9:13 pm

I did everything you suggested and my DPS dropped through the floor.. WT... ;)

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Re: Ye Olde Shadow Priest Consumables Guide

Post by Zinko » Mon Mar 09, 2009 11:04 am

Damned Necro posters.

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