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Post by Malexanica » Wed Jul 29, 2009 11:46 am

Hey guys

I've been meaning to do this for 2 weeks now but just never had the time to so here we go.

I've been in LB now for coming up on 3 weeks. So far its been a absolute blast. I've met a lot of really cool people in a short period of time. Some background info about myself. I'm a 30 y/o male from a little big town in south Louisiana called Thibodaux. Just for reference its about a hour south of New Orleans. Oh and yeah I was also one of the crazy people that didn't leave for Katrina, I was playing WOW off a generator during the storm lol. Good thing DSL is underground here lol.

I've been playing WOW since December 2005. Been a part of the Blizzard world since WC1. I've always been on Thunderhorn except in the early days when servers were crazy unstable so half the general population would make gnome or dwarf warriors on up servers. I've always been a Horde player as well. I recognise a lot of the older names on the website and in the guild roster as well. (Ex: Squishee and Hamartia, I met these guys before they were in LB) Yes I remember when LB was formed. I wasn't part of it, but I was around. I spent the first year playing a undead warrior. Then switched to mage and lastly to my priest Malexanica to current date. Of course there were the random get a toon to 20 then delete them days as well.

I leveled shadow and went Disp at 70 for a while, then raid was priority so I switched to holy. Stayed Holy till I joined LB and now I'm dedicated Shadow. Its a big change for me going from watching bars and smashing flash heal to doing damage. Not a stranger to it since I raided MC and BWL as a mage, and spent my offtime doing quest and 5 mans as shadow but a learning curve none the less. I'm doing my best to keep up with some of the other DPS we have here in guild. I'm pretty self consious of my performance in raiding, but if anyone sees' anything I should improve on be sure to let me know. I do use a few websites., EJ,, and I've tinkered with Rawr a bit. If anyone has any suggestions or recomendations I'de apperciate it.

Thats all I got for now guys, see you in game. :D

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