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Patch 3.1

Post by Madrix » Fri Apr 03, 2009 3:49 pm

From what I have been reading we will be replacing two major glyphs come the patch and will also need to rethink using LHW over HW. The new earth shield glyph will replace the water mastery (assuming mana regen is to a point where we don't need the 30 mp5). This will add 20% multiplicatively to Earth shield, which is rather significant.

The other glyph, well is going to probably be healing stream totem. I have gained about 100 healing per tick from live to the PTR, same gear, unbuffed. Currently numbers on the PTR are as follows:

My current numbers on PTR
Spellpower: 2313

Healing without talent: 238 healing per tick
With Talent: 345 healing per tick
With Talent and glyph: 393 healing per tick.

I am still not certain it will replace any of our major glyphs for 25-man content, but with being able to reglyph whenever, it does seem that for certain aoe heavy fights this would be worth doing.

For a 3-minute fight, assume aoe damage on all members:

Without glyph: 345 * 5 * 90 ticks = 155,250
With glyph: 393 * 5 * 90 ticks = 176,850

For a 5 minute fight, assume aoe damage on all members:

Without glyph: 345 * 5 * 150 = 258,750
With glyph: 393 * 5 * 150 = 294, 750

Add food (35 sp) and flask (125 sp), add flametongue (144)

Total SP: 2617

3-min fight
With glyph: 438 * 5 * 90 = 197,100
without glyph: 385 * 5 * 90 = 173,250
Difference: 23,850

5-min fight
with glyph: 438 * 5 * 150 = 328,500
without glyph: 385 * 5 * 150 = 288,750
Difference: 39,750

From what I can add from Daidalos' spreadsheets, (link: ... sPmcYnEJUg) it will be significantly increased with all the SP buffs out there.

I am thinking that stacking resto shaman in the tank group or even the melee will now be acceptable and actually preferred. As if we put the 2-3 resto shaman or so we have in a raid, you are looking at an almost free, constant hot of roughly 800 every 2 sec for the whole group. A lot of it is going to be overheal, but well, it is free healing and we have no other water totem that is really going to be useful anymore anyway.

The other matter is that it appears that HW will be better then LHW now, due to the AA change that allows it to heal for overheal instead of how it currently heals for actual healing only. Therefore overhealing is less penalized and if mana is not an issue with it, with tidal waves and any decent amount of crit we all have, the AA will overtake any amount that the LHW glyph will provide. Rotation will depend on haste, and if this is the case, healing way is going to be a must (not hard to get with the extra points we have now) and the value of haste I forsee being more valuable then it already is.

Int will also increase in value due to the loss of mana regen from mana spring, til the point where mana is not an issue. But this does not hurt us as much as other healers, they are getting taken behind the woodshed.

The "I don't like math or reading version":

1. Glyph Earth shield and Healing stream.
2. Spec for healing way, use healing wave rather then lesser healing wave.
3. stack shaman in tank group / melee group.
4. Because I said so.

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Re: Patch 3.1

Post by Prinncess » Tue Apr 14, 2009 3:06 pm

I forgot to post this earlier... you're my hero Maddy <3

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