Applying To Lobster Brood? READ FIRST!!!

Information on joining Lobster Brood.
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Applying To Lobster Brood? READ FIRST!!!

Post by Jaided » Sat Jul 11, 2009 11:57 am


Lobster Brood is a high level raiding guild. Our goal is to continuously push towards higher level encounters and new content. PvP is not our primary purpose all though we do assist in defending Horde lands in PvP when time permits. A lot of our current members do enjoy participating in BGs and Arena but this is not a required aspect of our guild. We currently raid 3 nights a week Tuesday/Thursday/Sunday 7 to 11/12pm server with Wednesday/Friday/Saturday being off nights.

Considering all qualified applicants.

Now, before you apply check your character’s status in game. Is your armory up to date? Are you specced correctly? Do you have the correct gems/enchants/glyphs with acceptable professions? Have you completed the required rep grinds in current content? We look at many different attributes when looking through your app, the more polished and professional it looks the better your chances will be for consideration. Any questions you may have regarding this can most often be answered by any of our current members in game.


1. Applicants must be level 85.

2. There is a 4 week trial period for all recruits. As with most guilds this trial period is mandatory. This period is also subject to change based on your raid attendance and recommendations from the current members of Lobster Brood. During this time, it is critical that you join as many events as you can, speak up in guild chat and get to know the guild. Your trial period will be extended if we do not feel there was adequate time to evaluate your play skill and overall demeanor in game. If this is done please do not take it negatively it is just part of our process and it allows us to make the best decision possible regarding new membership.

3. There is roughly a 90% attendance rating required to attain and keep full membership status. This limited absence requirement is based on a 3 night raid schedule with no room for cancelled raids because of players MIA. We understand there are vacations and other things that happen IRL. It is critical to keep in contact with us if you are unable to attend by utilizing the Play Status Notices section on the member forums so we know where you are and plan accordingly. We do not expect you to have 100% raid attendance but we are not looking to fill our ranks with once a week raiders. We press continuity not absence. If your attendance during your recruit period is below 90% you will most likely not be asked to stay.

4. Unstable internet connections, random disconnects, and ingame latency/lagg issues that effect your ability to play or perform during raids on a regular basis will be noted during your 4 week trial period. If it becomes an issue throughout your recruit period effecting your raid attendance you will not be offered membership.

5. Lobster Brood uses a Loot Council System for distributing items to raiders. A basic overview on how this works will be given prior to any guild invite.

6. After you have legitimately completed your recruit period the officers and current members of your class will decide whether or not to promote you to full membership. We reserves the right to extend any part of this process as necessary in the best interest of the guild. This decision will also include the consensus of the guild as a whole and be greatly based on the recommendations of the current members within your class. If it is decided you do not have the play skill required for your given class to preform at a level that is benificial to the guild you will not be asked to stay.

7. Recruits must be revered with the correct faction based on your class and spec in order to obtain the correct Helmet enhancement IE:

Guardians of Hyjal
The Earthen Ring
Dragonmaw Clan

Therazane is a honored required, exalted preferred faction for item enhancement for all classes.

8. The following add-ons are required for all classes:
Big Wigs or Deadly Boss Mod
Omen Threat Meter
Ventrilo Client
Please consult other members of your class for class specific add-ons. They will be more than happy to assist you in obtaining any that may be required.

9. Skilling up your cooking is recommended for character stat buff foods. We try to provide feasts during raids but you need to have a back up if they are not available. If you need something cooked we can make it happen for you.

10. All raiders are required to show up prepared for raids. This means consumables, consumables, consumables. You should always have your flasks and any item enhancements you need to boost your character’s performance. Show up repaired, and in the proper gear and spec, PvP is great but that is not what you are being evaluated on. There is no reason to show up to a raid unprepared if you truly want to have a future here. This is very important and goes a long way to show us you are serious about doing well in raids and participating even if your gear is not up to par with current members (we don’t expect it to be). This is by no means intended to scare anyone off. Lobster Brood is full of members that work extremely hard in order to progress and better the guild as a team. If these things are not your cup of tea then more than likely we are not a good fit for you as a player.

11. Please follow the application template and sample application when creating your app. The more effort you put into your application the more we have to go on when considering it. Two sentence applications are going to be met with two letter responses… NO!

12. The most important aspect of your recruit period is your raid attendance. If you have issues with making it to raids you will not have much success here and this carries over once promoted to member. If your attendance drops and goes below 90% without acceptable reason your raid spot will most likely be given to another player. If your availability changes don't keep it a secret and sabotage the raid for everyone else in the guild just say something.

Awesome! You made it this far and you are officially one step closer to becoming a part of the few, the proud, the…wait that’s the Marines. Good luck to you all from the Lobster Brood team and we look forward to seeing you in game!

Private applications can be submitted to


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