SSchaplain resto/enhancement Shaman

Information on joining Lobster Brood.
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SSchaplain resto/enhancement Shaman

Post by DnPic » Fri Nov 13, 2009 1:03 am

The following is a template that should be used by all people that are interested in applying to Lobster Brood. Please fill this out as completely as possible.

Character Name: SSchaplain
Your Age: 48
Spec/Dual Spec: Resto/enhancement
Professions: enchanting/ minning

Previous Guilds/Servers: Utter Chaos
Last Guild Leader: Obione
Last Class Leader: Did not have one

* Have you ever had a name change based on transfer or paid?
If Yes, please list previous names: NO

* Do you have any available WWS to show your performance as your current spec?
If so, please provide a link: NO

* Armory Link: ... Sschaplain

* Describe Reasons for Spec & Theorycraft:
I Spec to maximize my heals or dps.
* Would you, if asked by the GL/RL/Advisor, respec for the betterment of the guild?

* How do your reputations match to those required of your class listed in the Applying to Lobster Brood post? Exalted all required

* Please describe your 10/25 man raid experience Pre-LK as well as LK:
10/25/ ONY, Ulduar, 10 TOC

* Raiding Availability: As per your schedule

* Personal Goals: To see new content and progress through the game,

* Reason for applying with Lobster Brood:
I was unhappy with the guild im in after being with them for months and still no progression and lack of players on to be able to move on.

* Are you friends with or have you grouped with any current members of Lobster Brood:

Yes DN is my son. I also did an Ulduar run with your alts on my alt SSfpone my hunter.

We mainly discuss applicants internally so just because there is no activity related to your application does not mean it is not being discussed. Applications will be locked when we feel there is no further discussion needed. This does not mean that we are no longer considering your application. At this point we will contact you in game if we need any further information from you. All applications are kept for review for 45 days from date posted recieved by an officer. Once this time has expired you will be required to submit a new application with any new experience or progress made updated.

WARNING!: If your application does not follow this format the post will not be considered

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