Information on joining Lobster Brood.
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Post by sunmajik » Sun Jan 31, 2010 6:47 pm

Character Name:Zulton
Your Age:23
Computer Specs: amd athlon 4200, dual 9800gt nvidia video cards, 4 gigs ram, all the other basic stuff
What ISP/Internet Connection Type: Dsl
Class/Main Spec/Dual Spec:Mage/arcane/pvp frost
Professions:Enchanting 437 and tailoring 450

Previous Guilds/Servers:Wicked, this server
Last Guild Leader:warc
Last Class Leader:

* Have you ever had a name change based on transfer or paid? No
If Yes, please list previous names:

* Do you have any available WWS to show your performance as your current spec? No
If so, please provide a link:

* Armory Link: http://www.wowarmory.com/character-shee ... &cn=Zulton

* Describe Reasons for Spec & Theorycraft: Specced arcane because its the top dps mage spec for raiding, and the frost is for pvp purposes. As far as theorycraft use some info from elitist jerks and RAWR to help up my dps and a few pointers from abe

* Would you, if asked by the GL/RL/Advisor, respec for the betterment of the guild? Sure

* How do your reputations match to those required of your class listed in the Applying to Lobster Brood post? Ive got exalted in the caster reps on this char and i have another char exalted with sons of hodir so i can get the shoulder chants

* Please describe your 10/25 man raid experience Pre-LK as well as LK: Raided as a frost mage with sicked back in ssc days. Just ran ToC 25 saturday the 30th with lb pug group. Also ran icc10 till deathbringer saurfang

* Raiding Availability: Ill be on all times you guys raid and normally on the weekends im around

* Personal Goals: Be a solid dps mage and progress to see all the end game content before cataclysm

* Reason for applying with Lobster Brood: Want better gear and a serious group of raiders that dont waste time and are efficient. Really tired of slow moving and lethargic groups

* Are you friends with or have you grouped with any current members of Lobster Brood: Friends with abeyancy, and i grouped with quite a few peeps from lb the other night in toc25. Im also in guild atm as abeyancy's chum but am really looking forward to moving up to a raider position

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