Rezic - Frost/Blood DK

Information on joining Lobster Brood.
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Rezic - Frost/Blood DK

Post by Rezic » Tue May 24, 2011 9:53 pm

Character Names: Rezic / Rezik / Rezick / Rezzic (and many other variants)
Main: Rezic
Alts (So We Can Contact You In Game Easier): See above
Your Age: 28
Computer Specs: Core i7 CPU (1.6 Ghz / 4 cores) with 4 GB RAM and a 1 GB ATI Radeon HD video card. I am running 64-bit windows 7 and have never had any issues running WoW on my computer.
What ISP/Internet Connection Type: Charter/Cable Modem
Class/Main Spec/Dual Spec: Death Knight/Frost Main Spec/Blood Off Spec
Professions: Jewelcrafting & Engineering (for maximum DPS output and utility)

Previous Guilds/Servers: Final Empire
Last Guild Leader: Supernukez
Last Class Leader: Locomotive / Bettertrades

* Have you ever had a name change based on transfer or paid? No
If Yes, please list previous names:

* Armory Link: ... c/advanced

* Would you, if asked by the GL/RL/Advisor, respec for the betterment of the guild? To unholy? Probably not since Frost DPS > Unholy DPS (and also, I hate pet management). Other than that, although Frost DPS is my first love, I have no problem tanking if needed. I am specced and ready for both.

* Does your character meet guild requirements for your class as listed in the Applying to Lobster Brood thread? Yes, although I would like more info on your Loot Council system.

* Please describe your 10/25 man raid experience Pre-Cata as well as Cataclysm Raids: I used to raid a bit in Molten Core in vanilla-WoW but didn't make much progress and lost interest. I just recently came back to WoW about 8 months ago and am now 10/12 non-heroic for Cata. I have almost downed Al'Akir (down to 9%), and I have several attempts on Nef. I consider myself experienced on all Cata raid bosses except Nef.

* Raiding Availability: 7:30 PM or later 3+ nights a week (usually not weekends)

* Personal Goals: To achieve maximum DPS output. To have fun casually raiding with friends.

* Reason for applying with Lobster Brood: Interested in progression. Interested in making friends. Current guild split.

* Are you friends with or have you grouped with any current members of Lobster Brood: Not to my knowledge.

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