App. for Sitharael

Information on joining Lobster Brood.
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App. for Sitharael

Post by Sitharael » Thu Jun 02, 2011 2:14 am

The following is a template that should be used by all people that are interested in applying to Lobster Brood. Please fill this out as completely as possible.

Character Names: Sitharael
Main: Sitharael
Alts (So We Can Contact You In Game Easier): Vetheran
Your Age: 20
Computer Specs: Amd phenom
What ISP/Internet Connection Type: 16mb
Class/Main Spec/Dual Spec: Mage/Arcane/Fire
Professions: None atm, going to be Enchanting and Tailoring

Previous Guilds/Servers: The War Council / Silver Hand
Last Guild Leader: Tumulus
Last Class Leader: Holy Priest

* Have you ever had a name change based on transfer or paid? No
If Yes, please list previous names:

* Armory Link: ... ael/simple

* Would you, if asked by the GL/RL/Advisor, respec for the betterment of the guild? Yes

* Does your character meet guild requirements for your class as listed in the Applying to Lobster Brood thread? Yes

* Please describe your 10/25 man raid experience Pre-Cata as well as Cataclysm Raids: I've done ToC 10man, Ulduar 10man but not finished all the way, BH 10man, and Onyxia's 10man

* Raiding Availability: Anytime

* Personal Goals: Raiding with the guild and helping out whoever needs it. And being apart of your guild.

* Reason for applying with Lobster Brood: Would like to join the guild, Heard good things about it and would like to be apart of it. And would like to raid if possible.

* Are you friends with or have you grouped with any current members of Lobster Brood: My brother Cure is in your guild.

We mainly discuss applicants internally so just because there is no activity related to your application does not mean it is not being discussed. Applications will be locked when we feel there is no further discussion needed. This does not mean that we are no longer considering your application. At this point we will contact you in game if we need any further information from you.

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Re: App. for Sitharael

Post by Chinesebeef » Mon Jun 06, 2011 11:34 pm

Thank you for appying with LB, unfortunetly we cannot invite you at this time.

Considering your lack of ANY cata raid expience, I dont think we can use you for our heroic progession. Without a fundamental understanding of the core mechanics of a raid boss, you will have little to no chance of surviving a heroic mode encounter. We are too late in the game to be teaching the encounters to green players.

Your gear is not terrile, gemming looks good. You are definately ready for 10 man normals.
How about you guys stack on ME!

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