Brodiaz Aplly

Information on joining Lobster Brood.
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Brodiaz Aplly

Post by Brodiaz » Tue Jun 14, 2011 3:57 pm

Character Names: Brodiaz
Main: Brodiaz
Alts: Rediazz (mage arcane) and Elemdiaz (elements) both 85lvl.. Elemdiaz ilvl 360
Your Age: 23
Computer Specs: NVIDIA GeForce 260 GTX...... Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q8200
Connection Type: Cable
Class/Main Spec/Dual Spec: Fury/Arms
Professions: JC/Eng

Previous Guilds/Servers: Lights out/ always on Thunderhorn.
Last Guild Leader: Pandaloc
Last Class Leader: Nope

* Have you ever had a name change based on transfer or paid?
If Yes, please list previous names: Nope

* Armory Link: ... z/advanced

* Would you, if asked by the GL/RL/Advisor, respec for the betterment of the guild? Yes, i would repsec if need it

* Does your character meet guild requirements for your class as listed in the Applying to Lobster Brood thread? yes

* Please describe your 10/25 man raid experience Pre-Cata as well as Cataclysm Raids: yes Uld/Toc/ICC/ cata.. Lights out do 25 man with ToC and ICC and BWD, BOT too..

* Raiding Availability: all the time

* Personal Goals: Well, im sure that yall know that im deaf RL. so i try on team track also i been in team Deaflympic for Track&Field for 3 years.. so i try out again on team. and ofc i like to goal make progress and look so soild in guild for futrue..

* Reason for applying with Lobster Brood: some out there friends and wanna make LB look good progress.

* Are you friends with or have you grouped with any current members of Lobster Brood: yes pretty alot

Guys: sorry if i get bad grammar as long its 2nd lang.. please tell me if i get wrong question and i will fix it. thx

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Re: Brodiaz Aplly

Post by Libah » Thu Jun 16, 2011 5:24 am

Thank you for the app. Your application will be under review. Any further questions we may have will be posted here.


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