Until Tier 6: Gear needs

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Until Tier 6: Gear needs

Post by Abeyancy » Thu Nov 01, 2007 4:23 pm

Just wanted to get an idea of what you guys want/need from bosses other than T6 bosses except Azgalor so exclude Archimonde, Mother Shahraz, Illidari Council, and Illidan. Give me your current item and which items you want/need for those slots as well. For example, here are the items I want:

Helm: Justicar Diadem ====> Crystalforge Greathelm [T5] (Lady Vashj)
Chest: Breastplate of the Lifebinder ====> Justicar Chestpiece [T4] (Magtheridon)
Legs: Legplates of the Innocent ====> Crystalforge Leggings [T5] (Fathomlord-Karathress)
Feet: Tempest-Strider Boots ====> Pearl Inlaid Boots (High Warlord Naj'entus)
Shield: Triptych Shield of the Ancients ====> Felstone Bulwark (Supremus)
Waist: Girdle of the Righteous Path ====> Girdle of Hope (Azgalor)
Gloves: Crystalforge Gloves ====> Lightbringer Gloves (Azgalor)

Other item slots I don't want anything.

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Re: Until Tier 6: Gear needs

Post by Grukan » Sat Nov 03, 2007 9:21 pm

uhhh i think the only thing i don't need to replace is my hyjial ring lol... so i'll skip this for now.
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Re: Until Tier 6: Gear needs

Post by Defarge » Mon Nov 05, 2007 7:04 pm

These are the upgrades I would eventually like to have pre-t6 bosses.
Helm: Crystalforge
Shoulder: Glimmering Steel Mantle
Chest: Either Justicar OR Crystalforge
Bracer: Blessed Adamantite Bracers
Waist: Girdle of the Righteous Path
Boots: Pearl Inlaid Boots
Ring: Ring of Calming Waves
Weapon: Hammer of Atonement

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