Beefs Fail Death Knight Blood tank Build

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Beefs Fail Death Knight Blood tank Build

Post by Chinesebeef » Fri Mar 25, 2011 2:27 pm

When specing for a tank build, there are a few things to consider: Damage mitigation , Threat generation, and utility. In general the strat for DK tanking is all about death strike. How many DS's can you swing, how much they heal for and how big you can get your stacking bubble.

My current spec is 37 / 1 / 3.

the three point in unholy are for Epidemic. The additional 12 seconds of Disease time means you spend far less time reapplying dots and more time death striking.

The 1 point in frost is for +10 runic power. Many players go for the full +30 runic power but Since the glyph of DS (+2% DS damage / 5 runic power) does not increase healing done, only damage, it seems to me that having 3 runic strikes worth of rune power (when at 100%) is not a huge disadvantage considering u could only have 4 rune strikes worth if u have the full +30. Instead, i take the additional 2 talent points and put them into Hand of Doom for interrupt utility. HoD with 2 points basicallly doubles the amount of ints u can bust out (in addition to mind freeze). Strangulate also consumes no runic power, so the loss of the +20 isnt as consequential (20 being the amount of rune power you WOULD have to consume if u didnt have a stranguate available). Strangulate is also superior to MF in that it silences the target (+2 sec from glyph) Alternatively you could go for 7 points in frost to get free mind freezes (via endless winter), altho Im not sure which other abilities u could/should sack in order to get them, thoughts ?

I do not take either Bladed armour or blood caked blades. As far as i can tell, neither of these abilities will increase the healing done from DS, nor damage mitigation. They will add a little DPS, but as a tank DPS is not one of your primary considerations. Counter arguments may include threat generation. While its true that more white damage = more threat, I have never found my threat to be lacking with just rune strikes, diseases, DnD and DS's.

Gems, Reforging, Enchanting.

3 things to look at for gems: Mastery Expertice and Stamina. These 3 fit nicely into red / yellow / blue so you can always get your items socket bonus. Mastery increases the size of your stacking bubble via DS. Stamina increases the minimum amount of healing done via DS (and also your total HP which is always nice) and Expertice decreases the chance that your DS will be parried. Gemming for anything but these 3 seems to me to be a waste of sockets. I also use the hybrid +20 mastery / +30 stamina or the +20 Exp / +30 stamina instead of the full +40 for red and yellows. In my mind, +50 for 2 stats is greater than +40 for one stat.

Reforging should be used to reach your caps. +8% hit is required. Reaching the frontal expertice cap should also be a goal. The mere 26 that most melee DPS reach for is insufficient for a tank who always has to fight from the front. I dont know the exact rating required to lower the boss's parry chance to 0, but until one reaches it, you need more expertice. Once your caps are reached, reforge the rest into mastery for bigger bubbles.

Enchants shoud be chosen based on whats available for that specific item. I usuallly look for a +stamina first, +mastery if no stam chant is available, or failing that go for some other form of Damage mitigation like parry dodge armor.

Any thoughts or comments on alternate builds are welcome. Comments such as "you're doing everything wrong" and "you need to learn how to play" are less appreciated.
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Re: Beefs Fail Death Knight Blood tank Build

Post by Klysmo » Wed Mar 30, 2011 7:49 pm

Like most classes/specs, your choices will change slightly as you gear up due to the adjustment/increase in base stats. However, my spec has not changed with the exception of picking up endless winter since I initially hit 85. With that in mind, here's a brief explanation of my spec.

31/8/2: Any more than 31 pts. in the Blood tree is strictly raid utility and is not required as a dk tank. For instance, I don't take abom's might since most other classes already have ap increase. Bladed armor is kind of a no-brainer for me since Butchery is utterly worthless for a dk tank. I have so much RP that I hardly know what to do with it, and the extra 10 from killing trash mobs is insignificant when RP is usually capped. I chose bladed armor for threat basically(more to come on that later). What you need in the Blood Tree is pretty much everything except Crimson Scourge, BcB, Abom's might(utility optional), Butchery, and more than 2/3 of Scent of Blood. Basically, all others are chosen to reach DrW which is insane threat generation/avoidance. It's up to which of those optional ones you choose to reach 31. Now, as far as why I do not take more than 31 pts. is to be able to reach Lichborne. Lichborne has become one of the most useful survival/clutch talents in a DK tank's arsenal. It has saved my ass more than a few times(especially when amp'd by Vamp Blood), and adds a nice utility for bosses that like to fear. Now, in order to reach LIchborne the first 5 pts. is pretty self explanatory. NoCS is entirely useless since you always use 1 2h to tank so you get the extra RP(which usually caps out quickly) and extra IT range. I chose Endless Winter cuz I'm responsible for interrupts in our 10-man. If I was in 25-man, I'd go 3/3 Epidemic and/or 3/3 Scent of Blood. Ultimately, the Lichborne spec is used by all of the top DK's, and it's both viable at lower gear levels as well as 359+.

Threat generation. Hit? You don't need it. .71% is all that you need. Reforge it to mastery first, and avoidance if mastery is not an option. Expertise is even less desired than hit. Reforge out of it, you don't need it at all. Initially pulling something, the first thing I do is save RP up to cast DRW. Depending on the fight, when that's up I pop ERW and spam HS/DS then dump all RP using Runestrike. By the time I'm done, I have at least a 60% threat lead over 2nd if not greater. Yes, you will miss and get dodged/parried ALOT. But that's okay cuz for every DS you connect with you get damage and healing aggro. You will almost never lose threat unless you just stop attacking once this initial combo connects. After that, you have all the time you need to focus on cd rotation and staying alive. IF you run into repetitive threat problems due to gear or something, Bladed Armor is amazing at boosting threat since you have alot of armor, and leaving 2% or so of hit can vastly improve that as well.

As far as reforging/gemming/chanting goes, here are the basics that have worked for myself as well as much more prestigous DK tanks. Stat priority is simple. Mastery > ALL. Parry and Dodge should be as equal as possible i.e. 12.11% and 12.07% unbuffed, but only after you have a respectable amount of Mastery. The way I went about that at heroic ilevel was leaving my avoidance around 9% for parry/dodge(18% total) and reforged everything to mastery. Initially I gemmed for stam-WHICH IS A HUGE MISTAKE-and since have completely regemmed using the following gems: Parry/Mastery, Mastery/Stam, Mastery, Dodge. Initially I base my gem choice on slot color. Red=Parry/Mastery, Blue=Mastery/Stam. Gem choices after that depended on balancing my avoidance and boosting mastery when that was done. By regemming out of stam, I increased my avoidance to 12% each(parry/dodge), and was able to increase mastery up to 19% or so in some blues still. Now, I'm at 13%ish parry/dodge, and 21.5ish mastery. Chants are still prioritzed mastery > all so only stam chant is on chest. Leg/helm/shoulder chant is self explanatory. Boots, gloves, and bracers are chanted with mastery. As gear increases it becomes much easier to balance these stats, and I even picked up 1.71% hit recently due to neck/shoulder upgrades.

I haven't looked at your toon in the armory yet Beef, but I'd be more than happy to talk to ya about it on vent some time. I left out some stuff, but I'm finishing up at work so will type more when I can. See ya in game!
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