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Shaman- Mu'ru

Post by Rickter » Sun Sep 07, 2008 3:59 pm

Lets see!.... ... ide_id=409

p1: Looks like most of us will be raid healing standing with the ranged DPS that are DPS'ing Mu'ru ---------
Healer(s): Heal up Negative Energy damage. The damage is not bursty, but it is high and constant. If you are ahead of Negative Energy healing, assist the Void Sentinel healer.

Each of the above groups must be focused on their assignment, but if you end up with an extra moment or two, assist other groups. In short: at no point in phase 1 should you be idle. Make every moment count.

p2: As M'uru transforms into Entropius, finish off any remaining mobs from phase 1. All ranged classes should migrate towards the center of the room, but out of melee range of Entropius. Your warrior tank should pick Entropius up as he becomes attackable, and begin building as much threat as possible. For phase 2, two healers should be assigned to your MT, the rest to the raid. Bloodlusts and Drums should be used roughly 40 seconds into this phase.
Shaman: Make the following macro and hit it anytime a Dark Fiend spawns:
/cast [target=dark fiend] Purge

** I dont know how often Entropidus will spawn these Dark Fiend's but i think it might be wise for us all to have that macro Healing and DPS shaman as stated below we have 15-30 secs that we wont even be doing much..

Healers: Healing will start out relatively easy, with only a single primary target for Negative Energy. Raid healers can actually DPS a little bit during the first 15-30 seconds of phase 2. At 30 seconds in, Entropius will add a third primary target, and raid healing will start becoming difficult. You should be able to keep the raid alive until roughly 1 minute in, when a fifth target is added. At that point, you will start to become overwhelmed whatever you do. Try to keep as many people alive as long as possible. Your job is to keep the raid alive until roughly 1:20-1:30, at which point it is all up to your DPS.

A glance at our role.

Healers: Keep your assigned target alive. If on raid healing, focus on the lower HP members of the raid; you cannot afford to lose anyone. You can DPS a bit at the start of phase 2 if there is no healing to be done. Druids can keep a Lifebloom stack on other tanks, and all healers can throw emergency heals to any tank as needed.

DPS Shaman: P1, DPS as assigned (enhancement shaman must be on humanoids). P2, DPS Entropius and Purge Dark Fiends

This fight will truly test our ability to be competent DPS wise- Healing wise and Utility wise
We need to be fully prepared in every which way possible..
Its going to be tough.
But we can do it.
Read up on Class specific things and lets get this shyt done.



one more thing

Edit: Lets farm Primal Shadows for shadow prot pots, this could come in handy in p2.

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